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Holly Stuart

Foldscope Instruments
Education Specialist
Rock Hill, South Carolina
Holly Stuart is an Education Specialist with Foldscope Instruments and a former 8th grade science and design teacher in South Carolina. Her educational passions include finding new and innovative ways to help teachers feel comfortable teaching science, increasing student interest in science, discovery through inquiry, and learning (and having fun with) science by doing science. During her time in the classroom, she successfully implemented The Grid Method into her teaching practice which led to her becoming a Teach Better Team Ambassador And Teach Better Team Mentor Ambassador. Holly‘s blog series “Science Better“ chronicles her adventures in teaching science and thoughts on science being something you do, not something you learn about from afar. Holly is married to her high school sweetheart and is a mother to three children. Some of their favorite outdoor activities include traveling, hiking, running, and biking. (Holly often brings her telescope, binoculars, and microscopes with her on hikes!) Her indoor hobbies include reading, coloring, and learning more about sketchnoting and drawing.

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