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Jason Blair believes the creativity of our children will change the world. A 20 year veteran arts educator, everyday he steps into his arts studio, he learns from the creative geniuses he teaches. He believes to empower students to tap into their creative capacities,  educators must nurture their own growth as creative change agents. To empower creativity in his students, Blair believes the educator must be the classroom creativity whisperer, building a community in which creativity is valued and being/thinking different is not just safe, but celebrated. Jason has established himself as a creativity specialist, capable of empowering the creative mindset to illuminate innovative ideas (despite being ranked 310th out of 336 in his high school graduating class).  He is the Teacher-Leader-in-Residence at the Columbus Museum of Art (CMA) and the Co-assistant director on the Cultivating Creative and Civic Capacities research project in collaboration with CMA and Harvard University graduate school of education's Project Zero.  He received his MA in art education from The Ohio State University. Currently, he teaches elementary art in Dublin, Ohio.

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