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Livia Chan

Teach Better Team
Digital Content Coordinator
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Livia Chan is an author, blogger, and speaker deeply passionate about community, leading with heart, and daily lifelong learning. She believes in the power of connections and thoroughly enjoys building relationships. Livia lives by the belief that it is through every ATOMIC interaction that we have the opportunity to intentionally uplift others through our love, kindness, and gratitude. We can brighten their day by making an impact on their lives and an imprint on their hearts. For over 24 years, Livia has continued to experience the joy of teaching in the Greater Vancouver area in BC, Canada and loves her role as a Head Teacher and classroom teacher. Previously, she served on the District Staff Development Team in Learning Technologies supporting K-12 educators. Livia is honored to be the Digital Content Coordinator for the Teach Better Team.

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