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Laura Rizo

El Paso ISD
School Counselor. Speaker. Leadership Consultant.
El Paso, TX
Born and raised in the projects, Laura Rizo's life experiences relate to both youth and adults. Her messages on overcoming poverty, depression, alcoholism, an identity crisis, and a lack of self love reaches the hearts of her audience. She connects to youth through experiences she overcame and connects with adults through her transparency. 

A former School Counselor, now Speaker and Developer, Rizo strives to inspire youth to be boundless in overcoming obstacles and find their purpose with passion. She highly values educators as the difference makers in kids' lives and strives to inspire them to BE LOVE for their students. 

She has been a youth mentor for over 20 years for various organizations, such as MADD, Extreme Youth Leadership, Project MALES, Teens in the Driver Seat, AVID, and the TX Say What Tobacco Free Organization. She has spoken for many events, from Drug and Alcohol Awareness Rallies, to STAAR Pep Rallies, Shattered Dreams Simulations, Teacher Professional Development, Mental Health Awareness Conferences, and much more.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, October 14

1:30pm EDT